Disruptive Technology: Surviving the avalanche Industry Expo

Disruptive Technology

Grand Ballroom August 3, 2017 9:00 am - 10:00 am

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Dr. Rick Roque, AEM
Debbie Hoffman, Digital Risk
Sheridan Hitchens, Ten-X.com
Arun Shukla, Berkeley Research Group
Russell Cantwell, SHI International Corp

Understand the how!

Technology innovates at a furious pace. All organizations are now technology-enabled services. Participate in a creative and interactive exchange that will provide valuable insight into existing case studies where long standing companies are in serious peril or went out of business. Listen to industry experts explain how to identify the core model disruptors for your company.

We’ll cover topics including:
  • The changing paradigm of business
    • Self-driving Vehicles, Drones…
    • Uber/Lift…
    • Geo-spatial technology
    • Mobile devices & Internet of Things
    • Cloud Computing
You’ll leave this discussion with:
  • A greater understanding of the technologies that are shaping the financial industry
  • Strategies to survive and thrive with disruptive changes