Industry Expo

Are you ready for the Future of Financial Services?

Disruption through changing consumer dynamics, regulations, innovation and technology has created opportunities in the financial services industry.

Those organizations that embrace change, evolve and align with new and emerging markets will profit in 2017. The Industry Expo is your chance to connect with senior executives, change agents and through leaders to learn more about the disruption, hear ideas their ideas and strengthen your own.

Over three days we’ll explore the many opportunities this new market and environment have created. We’ll dive into the impact of inclusive strategies and multi-generational outreach. We’ll look at the new markets and the market makers. And, to conclude the industry expo, we’ll look at the disruptive power, impact, and opportunity that fintech is creating.

Industry Expo Overview:

Day 1 – Generational Inclusion :: #The Power of WE

Understanding and embracing the differences and benefits of a multi generational financial services workforce and clientele

The Industry Expo starts off addressing the shift in consumer demand and preferences driven by the emergence of millennials as consumers, employees, and business owners. A full day will be dedicated to cracking the code of generational inclusion. Thought leaders will take attendees through an engaging journey of understanding millennials, the economic impact of this surging generation, and how women in leadership are shaping the future of financial services.

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Day 2 – Financial Market Makers

Day two of the Industry Expo kicks off with a lively discussion with industry economists discussing capital, credit and affordability opportunities impacting insurance, autos and housing. Hearing from thought leaders on the opportunities and challenges associated with changing the credit box. The discussion continues with Trade Associations and Advocacy Groups tackling the challenge of shaping public policy and crafting regulations that work without creating barriers detrimental to inclusion. The day ends with a discussion on innovation and how new products and services align with the consumer’s communities.

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Day 3 – Disruptive Technology: Surviving the Avalanche

The final day of the Industry Expo features discussions on disruptive technology, the emergence of FinTech and the uncertainty of the CFPB and broader regulatory environment.

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