Career Fair

Are you looking for a job in the real estate or financial services sector?

Are you tired of sending out resume after resume and never getting an answer?

We have the solution.

The Financial Services Expo Career Fair

For Job Seekers


 You will have the opportunity to meet top employers and to interview for both entry-level and experienced-required positions during the course of the day.

You’ll have access to the people who make the hiring decision, and there is no need to craft a customized personal statement for each company with whom you visit. Instead, tell them face-to-face why you wish to work for them and sell yourself directly with an on-site interview.

Don’t wait for someone to call you for an interview; take charge of your career. Attend the Financial Services Expo’s Career fair and make a first impression that creates a lasting career.

Can’t get to DFW?

We have a unique virtual feed so you can still get before hiring managers who can launch your career. 


For Employers

Needing great people for your real estate or financial services company?  Join us at the Financial Services Expo Career Fair. You’ll have access to hundreds of potential candidates. The job fair lets you consolidate your time and human resources energy as you interview all candidates in a single location.  We even offer a unique  live virtual feed so you’ll have access to candidates across the nation.

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